Sunday, February 25, 2018

Three Etiquette Tips to Follow While in Brazil

A native of Brazil, Eva Lea Klein studied architectural design at Kafaat University and has worked extensively in the fashion and retail industries. Eva Lea Klein worked as a tailor for Banana Republic, where she designed custom clothing in addition to altering customers’ garments. Since retiring, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren and traveling to New York City, Texas, and Brazil.

When traveling in Brazil, it’s helpful to be aware of its unique customs. Here are a three etiquette tips to follow while in Brazil.

1. Receive and offer friendly greetings. In Brazil, people often greet one another with a kiss or hug and typically touch each other by placing a hand on the other person’s arm or shoulder when speaking with them.

2. Accept that less interpersonal space is normal. In crowds, it is not unusual for Brazilians to maintain less space between each other than that to which many North Americans are accustomed.

3. Dress professionally in business settings. Although Brazilians, especially women, are known to wear bold, colorful, and sexy outfits, formal attire is the standard dress code for conducting business. Even when it’s hot out, men and women are expected to dress in full suits for business engagements. To gain access to shops and restaurants, smart, casual clothing is appropriate.